S.L.A.M. Resource 
 We provide back-of-the-book indexing services. 

S.L.A.M. Resource provides back-of-the-book indexes.


    Your indexes will be                         

         and accurate.
   Your indexes will be delivered on time 
                                                     to your specifications.


  Background knowledge and experience in:  
    -Elementary Education (including children with Special Needs)
   -Teaching French as a second language
   -Children, families and parenting
   -Quality Assurance Management and Auditing (ISO 9001)
   -Manufacturing and welding (general audience)
   -Soccer and Hockey
   -Games (board, cards, outdoor)
 Your book needs an index :
  • to satisfy your reader's needs. 
  • to get glowing reviews from librarians, booksellers and customers which will then sell more books.
  • prepared by a professional who can keep  your readers' needs as well as the author's and publisher's needs in mind.
  • so that your readers can find the information they need since the indexes will contain cross-references from terms the reader knows to the author's terms. 
Please contact me for a quote !
 I also welcome the opportunity to index the following types of books:
  • textbooks (elementary)              
  • self-help
  • children's
  • recreation / sports
  • music (trade)
  • and any other books that need an index!