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Index Samples
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Foods that fight Cancer:  Firefly Books (2016)

Explorers' Botanical Notebook:  Firefly Books (2016)

365 Incredible Animals:  Firefly Books (2016)

Horse Owner's Essential Tips:  Firefly Books (2016)

365 Optical Illusions:  Firefly Books (2016)

Water: Exploring the Blue Planet:  Firefly Books (2016)
At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast: Rocky Mountain Books (2016)
Negotiating So Everyone Wins: James Lorimer & Company (2016)

Preventing Cancer: Reducing the Risks :  Firefly Books (2015)
Heart Waters: Sources of the Bow River:  Rocky Mountain Books (2015)
Jane Goodall’s Animal World: Gorillas, by Miriam Schlein (Macmillan)
The Ice Storm: an Historic Record in Photography of January 1998, by Mark Abley (McClelland & Stewart Inc)